Polyus Gold To Delist from London Stock Exchange Fearing Sanctions?

Following the KVG call to western powers led by the US, EU and UN to impose sanctions on Russian businessman, Suleiman Kerimov, Russian and international media now quote sources within Kerimov’s major holding, Polyus Gold (PGIL), claiming that company will soon delist from the London stock exchange in an effort to avoid the inevitable sanctions.

Following numerous requests from Uralkali investors with regards to the new developments in the Crimea crisis, the Kerimov Victims Group (KVG) has recently issued an announcement calling the western powers to impose financial sanctions against Suleiman Kerimov and freeze his assets in the US and Europe.

In response to the KVG efforts, Russian newspaper Kommersant and international news agency Reuters published last week (April 9th which he holds 39% is now considering to delist from the London stock exchange, following recent threats of western sanctions. Sources within Polyus Gold told Kommersant that the company’s management intends to discuss the issue on the next board meeting.

This conduct is clear proof the Kerimov understands the imminent threat imposed by western sanctions, and wishes to refrain from paying for his part in the recent Crimea crisis, just as he was not willing to pay the price of damages he caused investors all over the world with his past actions in the potash market.

In its last announcement, the KVG added that it supports the freezing of Kerimov’s assets in order to eventually use these assets as a source for the billions needed to compensate fellow investors hurt by Kerimov’s suspicious financial behaviour. The group stated that it hopes once frozen, Kerimov’s western financial assets could eventually be used in order to compensate investors for billions lost as a result of his actions. The group continues to call upon authorities in the US and EU to investigate Kerimov’s actions, believing that once the truth comes into light, fair compensation would be inevitable.

This is the most recent development in the new campaign against controversial Russian politician and businessman, Suleiman Kerimov. The KVG is calling to initiate an investigation by US & UK authorities into the actions of Suleiman Kerimov, with regards to his conduct in the Potash sector. The KVG site features details of the suspicious conduct by Kerimov and his colleagues during the months that preceded Kerimov’s declaration, as well as a call that Kerimov’s company Polyus Gold (PGIL) in for action by the authorities in this matter. They KVG encourages others who were hurt by Kerimov’s conduct to approach it via the website, which would continue to operate in an attempt to reach as many of his victims as possible.

For further details, please contact the Kerimov Victims Group at kvg2013@mail.com

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