United Kingdom’s Adam Drzazga – Freediving Record Holder In Great Britain – Teaches Freediving At The Blue Water Freediving School

An incredible opportunity to learn both recreational and sport Freediving with a World Champion, and safely enjoy the mysterious beauty of the seas.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 29, 2014, Freediving offers a path to enjoy the wonders of the deep blue sea without being encumbered by bothersome diving equipment. People often dive down into shallow depths while at the beach without realizing that they are in fact doing shallow Freediving. All it takes is a little professional training to reach deeper depths and enjoy all the natural beauty that eludes most people. The serenity that accompanies the weightlessness of Freediving is unmatched by other recreational pursuits.

The Blue Water Freediving School is offering instruction by world-class Freediving Instructors in both London and Hertfordshire. All of their courses are in small groups, to ensure a fun, friendly atmosphere and a good student to instructor ratio. This School offers high quality Freediving instruction from entry level courses through instructor level training. The school’s main instructor is the famed Adam Drzazga, who has made history for holding his breath longer than anyone in Great Britain (in recent years), as the UK Record is 8 minutes and was set a few years back. He also is a highly ranked World Freediving Competitor.

Few people realize that Freediving is a very introspective sport where both physical and mental skills are required to develop the ability to hold one’s breath and deep dive in the sea. This is a world where every dive is a new journey, every breath a new feeling. The experience transfers into every day life and magnifies its enjoyment. Freedivers report that they have a greater “Joy of Living” through their deep sea experiences.

Adam is an Aida Instructor, Judge and Chairman of BFA (British Freediving Association), and represents GB in the World Championships. What he enjoys most is diving on the shallow reefs and the feeling of “oneness” with nature. During a recent interview, Adam had this to say: “Freediving is not only about competitions, it is about enjoying yourself in the water, and that could be done in just a few meters of water. The most beautiful time I ever had was in 5-10m of water, diving with wild dolphins in one of our trips to Egypt. If you like water, we will show you the way to enjoy it safely, your enjoyment is our goal. Freediving is a unique sport that is possible for anybody to take part in, no matter what your experience or ability.”

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