Bill W., The New and Revealing Documentary about Bill Wilson, The Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, is Now Available for Purchase on DVD from Page 124 Productions

Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, BILL W., the poignant story of the man who helped millions recover from the ravages of alcoholism, is now available on DVD and can be purchased by visiting

During a successful six-month theatrical release, Bill W. has filled theaters in the U.S. and Canada as word-of-mouth enthusiasm and social media spread the news of each new opening. Additional showings in select Landmark and Regal theaters across the country have made this film one of the top-grossing documentaries of the year.

This insightful look at a man TIME Magazine recognized as one of the 100 Heroes and Icons of the 20th Century was made by two first-time filmmakers, Dan Carracino and Kevin Hanlon – neither of whom are members of Alcoholics Anonymous. How did a West Coast former computer chip distributor and an East Coast businessman become documentary film producers? “I had wanted to make a documentary film for a long time,” Producer Dan Carracino recalled. “Kevin happened to be reading a book about the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. Both of us had witnessed first-hand the impact of alcoholism on family members and friends.

Kevin Hanlon agrees. “The whole history of A.A. is fascinating, but what really jumped out at us was Bill Wilson’s personal story. Here’s someone who almost died of his own addiction, found sobriety, and then dedicated the rest of his life trying to help others not die from the same thing. And he’s a great example of someone who worked in relative obscurity most of his life but who has had an enormous impact on the lives of millions of other people.”

Bill W. portrays both the timeless story of one person facing overwhelming odds for his own survival and, at the same time, a life that has particular relevance today. Production started eight years ago with researching archives across the U.S. to find moving footage, photos, and audio recordings of Bill Wilson. The filmmakers also recorded interviews with historians and many A.A. members, some who knew and worked with Wilson. Their film follows Bill Wilson through his 17 years of devastating alcoholism, the events that led to his own sobriety, and the crucial years of A.A.’s founding and growth. With Bill as its driving force, A.A. grew from a handful of people to over 2 million men and women. Thousands of people throughout the world now credit him with saving their lives.

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