“KeySmart” Launches Second Generation “KeySmart 2” – The Solution To The Cluttered Key Ring

KeySmart sets new paradigm in how people think about carrying their keys. Revolutionary new concept eliminates the hassles of the old key rings.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, May 4, 2014, People have carried key rings since the first lock was invented. They have not always been pleasant to carry, let’s face it……..they are bulky, cluttered, annoying, and sometimes downright painful. All that is changed with the release of the new and improved KeySmart 2. Forget about how it used to be carrying keys, now “You Can Love Your Keys”. KeySmart was created as a universal solution to eliminate all of the problems associated with carrying a set of keys, such as: Thigh Poke, Key Jingle, Pocket Bulge, and Key Stabs. This innovative product is ultra-thin with attractive curves, and shrinks that bulky key ring down to the size of a pack of gum.

Fresh off of a wildly successful Kickstarter Campaign, KeySmart is available to the general public. In fact, KeySmart was one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever released on Kickstarter. In its first 30-days of pre-orders, KeySmart sold over 10,000 units in 105 countries. Perhaps it is because of its elegant design, or its handmade qualities. It is easily expandable to up to 100 keys, and can hold car keys, USB’s and other accessories used everyday.

KeySmart is handmade in Chicago, IL., and is fabricated of aircraft grade aluminum and its hardware from stainless steel, making it lightweight, durable and attractive. It is available in several colors through the durable process of color anodizing, and the Logo is elegantly Laser Engraved into each unit. KeySmart has a smooth finish that feels comforting to the touch. The ease of user assembly makes this item a real winner, and a great gift.

Carrying keys is now a simple and pleasant task. Gone are the days of sitting down and being “stabbed” by that bothersome key. And who wants to see those ugly, sometimes dirty key teeth? This is really a new paradigm in the way people think about carrying their keys. Its quality is unsurpassable, and the fact that it is handmade in the U.S.A. adds to its popularity. The website features some very fascinating professionally produced videos. Customer Testimonials have been pouring in and attest to how much folks really love this item.

For complete information, please visit: KeySmart…….The Cluttered Keyring Solution

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