Innovative Vapors Releases ECig With Expectations To Replace Tobacco Completely

Innovative Vapors
Innovative Vapors helps clients switch to vapor providing similar sensation to smoke

A Mesa based electronic cigarette company is leading the fight to provide cigarette smokers with a safer alternative to the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. With the objective of helping smokers “kick the habit,” Innovative Vapors is offering the smoking public a healthier and less expensive vapor based alternative to tobacco. Their online site is pleased to make available a full range of e-cigarette products and vaping accessories. Vaping gives users the same pleasurable sensations they enjoy when inhaling tobacco smoke but without the carcinogens, tar, chemicals and dangerous carbon monoxide. The number of cigarette smokers switching to vapor is on the rise.

Company spokesman Brian Meyer spoke enthusiastically about his company’s products. “We believe that electronic cigarettes will eventually replace tobacco completely,” he said recently. “They provide an identical sensation to smoke, and hit the back of the throat at the peak of the inhale just like smoke. Vapers gain all of the desirable characteristics associated with smoking but none of the negative ones.”

Electronic cigarettes look like tobacco cigarettes but do not actually burn. The user’s inhalation activates the battery powered device to heat a liquid filled cartridge, producing a warmed, smoke-like vapor which is then inhaled. The vapor is odorless, may or may not have nicotine in it, depending upon the vaper’s preference, and comes in a wide range of flavors. “We have one of the widest varieties of flavored e-liquids to be found anywhere,” claimed Meyer. “From Sweet Tart to Pink Lemonade to Strawberry Daiquiri to Raspberry Cheesecake, we’ve got every client’s favorite flavor covered. And for those who happen to be in the area, our full service tasting bar is open for business.”

Many former smokers report that they have successfully used electronic cigarettes Phoenix as a stepping stone to permanent smoking cessation. Once a person has weaned himself from tobacco to vapor, it then becomes merely a matter of personal preference as to whether to stop inhaling all together. The cost of vaping with electronic cigarettes is significantly lower than that of smoking traditional cigarettes. Therefore, many people who truly enjoy the sensation of smoking often choose to continue to vape flavored e-liquids long after their dangerous addiction no longer exists.

About Innovative Vapors:
Innovative Vapors assists interested persons in making a transition from expensive and carcinogenic tobacco cigarettes to non-toxic and inexpensive smokeless electronic cigarettes. The company features a wide range of quality electronic cigarettes, replacement parts, e-liquids and accessories. Interested persons can place a secure order online or visit one of Innovative Vapors’ three Arizona based brick and mortar locations.

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