CLINICARE (INDIA) Launches FRIO® Insulin Wallet – An Effective Travel Storage Solution Designed to Keep Insulin Cool

FRIO Insulin Wallet
FRIO® Insulin wallet is ideal for an Insulin Dependent Diabetic & who needs to travel for the work. FRIO® Insulin wallet is time tested for over the years in the markets of US & Europe. FRIO® Insulin wallet is made in UK & approved by British Medical Device Evaluation Unit. It is also approved for sale throughout US by FDA.

FRIO® Insulin Wallet is meant for cooling Insulin. It is capable of changing the life of an Insulin dependent diabetic, especially one who is on the move and has no access to refrigeration or during power outages while travelling. Unlike traditional Insulin carrying cases, FRIO® Insulin Wallet’s cooling properties are not derived from an Ice-pack or anything that needs refrigeration. It is easily activated by water. The wallet is an environment friendly green re-usable product. It can conveniently be carried around on oneself or in one’s hand baggage.

FRIO® Insulin Wallet was invented by a first-generation UK-based entrepreneur Garnet Wolsey over 15 years ago. The product was evaluated by the British Diabetic Association in 1999 and was awarded a Millennium product status by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Over the years, the product has become very popular across the world.

FRIO®Insulin Wallet is an evaporative cooling unit that has been designed to keep in use insulin and other temperature-sensitive medications cool, within safe temperature of 18-26° C for upto 45 hours, in a constant environmental temperature of upto 37.8° C. The wallet can be re-activated every other day for the life of in-use insulin i.e. 28 days.

“The best part is that, even after years of using the FRIO® Insulin Wallet, its effectiveness does not diminish, unless damaged.”

FRIO® Insulin wallet carries an affordable price tag and is available in all major metros in India like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Trivandrum, amongst others. The product is also available for online procurement on domestic health portals. For more information please visit:, or call (+91) 98205-03876.

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