East African Business & Investment Magazine – Iris Executive – Publishes Commentary By John Akhile Sr – Discusses His New Book – “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade With The World”

John Akhile, Sr., is a noted Author and Entrepreneur that is passionate about African countries and their peoples. He states that he is motivated to share his knowledge and expertise to help institute a new level of performance that will lead to a successful evolution of a positive African experience.

MADISON, WISCONSIN, May 15, 2014. John Akhile, Sr recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mike Mina, Co-Founder and Executive Editor of the well regarded East African business and investment magazine, “Iris Executive”. The topic to be discussed was John’s new Blockbuster, “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade With The World”. His new book is already considered a “must read” for all those interested in furthering the evolution of African trade with the rest of the World. John considers that it is incumbent upon himself to share his knowledge and ideas with his fellow man in hopes of ushering in a new paradigm of thought and practices that will put the economies of African countries on the fast-track through conversion of African countries from raw materials exports to value-added industrial exporters.

For John, it was all about writing a book that would be meaningful to the burning questions of the state of African trade today, and how to achieve social economic justice and prosperity for African peoples and their societies. No doubt a lofty goal, but if anyone has a chance of success, it would seem that John Akhile, Sr. would be that man. “Unleashed” I also meant to be a message of hope. The message is simple: African countries can follow the well-worn track-record of successful economies, and modify them to fit their own specific geographic and demographic considerations. “Unleashed” also presents ideas and concepts that should be of interest to the public sector and leadership that will bring forth transformation in their economies.

John discusses how important the opportunity is to expand trade with the Unites States, and that many very successful economies and industries have resulted from doing business with the American market. “Unleashed” offers an in-depth analysis of this trade phenomenon. “Unleashed” makes tangible suggestions for new institutions and policies that will unleash the huge inherent potential of African countries and create permanent success that can be shared by everyone.

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