6th Annual Torah Home Education Conference to be held in Englewood, NJ this May

May 15, 2014, Englewood, NJ: The Torah Home Education committee will be hosting the sixth annual Torah Home Education Conference on Sunday May 25, 2014 at The Moriah School in Englewood, NJ. Attendees are come from all across the United States and Canada and span the Orthodox Jewish community. This conference is the only one specifically for Jewish homeschoolers in the world.

The Torah Home Education Conference is a one-stop destination for Jews interested in this fast growing alternative to pricey day school tuitions and Hebrew-language charter schools. Homeschooling is increasing in popularity in the general population, but what about in Judaism, where tuition at an Orthodox Day School or yeshiva is on average $10,000 per child? Home education is now considered a viable option in the Jewish community. There are many reasons parents decide to homeschool rather than send their children to day schools. Some cite the cohesiveness of the family as one reason, others feel they can give their children the opportunity to learn based on the child’s interests, others simply prefer to direct their child’s education more explicitly than they would be able if their child attended day school. Some begin homeschooling because they want to live unencumbered by debt or financial inquiries due to asking for a scholarship from a school. The reasons are as diverse as there are parents and families.

The Torah Home Education community has grown tremendously in the last number of years and the conference has nearl tripled in size. This year approximately one hundred families are expected to attend. Jewish, Orthodox, and Homeschooling, a YahooGroups listserv dedicated to Orthodox Jewish homeschool families contains well over four hundred members, gaining over 100 members in the last year.

The conference presents a full day of expert speakers and panel discussions covering topics that were selected from regristrants’ requests. There will be discussions on creating a preschool curriculum; getting your child into college, yeshiva and seminary; educating a child with special needs, how to teach Chumash and Gemara, how to create an abundant homeschool life and how to educate multiple children among many others.

Conference attendee, Debbie Cohen of Monsey says, “The annual Torah Home Education Conference is the highlight of my homeschooling year! The chizzuk (encouragement) that I receive recharges my batteries to enthusiastically begin planning my family’s homeschooling adventure for the following year and what an adventure it is!”

Registration for the conference can be found at http://2014theconference.eventbee.com. For more information, contact Yael Aldrich at torahhomeed@gmail.com

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