Launch of Free New Magazine App from Yourwellness

Priding itself on the core value that knowledge and education about Living Well should not be charged for, the Yourwellness App is a natural and much awaited extension to the free Wellness print and online magazines.

Edited by the award winning Dr. Sarah Brewer, Yourwellness is the gateway to living well that explores all aspects of wellbeing, from health and fitness, through to family, relationships and finances. Renowned for her holistic approach to self-help, Sarah strives to ensure that every edition of Yourwellness represents unbiased content drawing readers of all ages.

Yourwellness’s print copy is distributed free of charge to 90,000 households in the UK and India and read by 70,000 on-line users ever month. With the addition of the user friendly, easily accessible free App, Yourwellness aims to reach a wider audience and educate readers enabling them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing.

Michael Kitt of Yourwellness Publishing Ltd stated, “It has to be easy for individuals to research information regarding their wellbeing and our new App is the perfect tool for this. Accessible on all Apple devices, our App enables readers to get their favourite wellness magazine in a new way, and still for free!”

Yourwellness is independent and does not promote any particular wellbeing method or solution; instead it stands as an informational platform which gives readers a variety of options allowing them to make informed lifestyle choices about their wellness without any bias.

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Michael Kitt
Yourwellness Publishing Ltd