Rumbling Waters Enterprises Rolls-Out Their “Tornado Emergency Kit” – Several US States Recently Devastated By Tornados

When powerful Tornados ripped through several US States in the past few weeks, many Americans were left without survival essentials. Rumbling Waters has assembled a life-saving Tornado Emergency Kit.

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, May 16, 2014, Nobody will forget the images seen on the Nightly News of the devastation caused by Super Tornados. May people were left with nothing, no food, water or First Aid supplies. Rumbling Waters intends to change that with the release of their new Tornado Emergency Kit. Too bad many people did not have one of these survival kits on hand when the storms struck.

The Tornado Kit is packed securely in a Red Duffle Bag with Wheels and includes items that will help survival after the storm hits. The food and water in this kit will comfortably provide adequate nutrition for one day without access to additional supplies. These products have a 5 year shelf life.

Included are: 6- 4oz. Water Pouches, 1 – 400 Calorie Food Bar Cherry Flavor, 10 Water Purification Tablets – each tablet purifies 1 liter of water, 24 oz. Water Purification Bottle. In the event of a power outage, folks can have independent access to their own means of lighting and communication with the outside world. There is a Dynamo LED Lantern with Radio, Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight, 3 LED flashlight, 30 Hour Emergency Candle, 12 Hour Green Emergency Glow Stick, 5-in-1 Survival Whistle, Box of Waterproof Matches, and a 36″ x 24″ Bright Orange Help Flag.

Rumbling Waters made sure to provide protection from the outside weather forces. The kit will provide protection from wind, sun, rain, and many other conditions, with: 2- Emergency Survival Sleeping Bags, 2- Emergency Ponchos with Hoods, and 2- 16-20 Hour Body Warmers. There are also Tool items that are designed to be useful in disaster situations. They will be a valuable resource when faced with navigation, transport, personal protection, or shelter troubles. They include: A Multi-Function Tool, Compact Multi-Function Shovel, 16 Function Knife, Leather Palm Work Gloves, 2 N95 Respirator Dust Masks NIOSH Approved, 50 Feet of Paracord, Safety Goggles, Quakehold Putty, 5′ x 7′ Tarp, 10yds of Duct Tape, 3 Function Hatchet (hatchet, pry bar, hammer), Pack of nails, All of the kit items are securely packed in resealable, waterproof storage bags.

The company has thought of everything, when in a disaster situation it is useful to have access to hygiene products. Staying clean can protect against infection, disease, and depression. That’s why they included: A 24 Piece Deluxe Hygiene Kit, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, 9 Wet Naps, Soap, Shampoo/ Conditioner, and Dental Floss.

The company reports that they have a great selection of GPS units, featuring Garmin, and Bushnell products. Walkie-Talkies, Radio Flashlights, Emergency Lanterns and Hand-Crank Emergency Radios are only the beginning of what is available at this Emergency Survival and Outdoor Gear Portal.

For complete information, please visit:—The Survival Specialists

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