ANDA Automation Recognized As The #1 Brand In China For Conformal Coating & High Speed Dispensing Machines

One again, ANDA Automation leaves its mark on the Chinese Market amongst a wide group of similar companies. ANDA excels where others lack the expertise and trained personnel to rise to the top of the industry.

FRONTIER, SINGAPORE, May 16, 2014. ANDA Automation has achieved the status of being the #1 Brand in China for Conformal Coating Machines because they have the know-how to enhance productivity levels, save time and manpower costs, and can increase sales output. They have established themselves as the one-stop solution for a complete, fully automatic conformal coating production line. Their Total Line Solutions Packages create the opportunity for businesses to increase their productivity levels exponentially.

ANDA’s trusted coating solutions have become well-known and acknowledged in the industry. Their achievements include not only being the #1 Brand in China for Conformal Coating Machines, but they also have received the SMT Innovation Award, and the SMT China Vision Award for their Selective Coating Machine. Anda’s Mission is to constantly innovate and improve their coating and dispensing systems to ensure the highest quality and company credibility in the industry.

The company reports that their High Speed Fluid Dispenser System offer features not found on competitive equipment. The hassle of moving the Z-Axis up and down is eliminated via non-contact injection technology. A consistent material flow is ensured by the use of specially designed automatic temperature controls. CCD vision correction ensures greater precision in the end-result. Their high-speed dispensers are very effective when used for: Underfill, BGA Edge Bonding, SMT Glue Dotting, SMT Solder Paste Dispensing, LED Packaging, and FPC Packaging. Note that every high-speed fluid dispenser can provide various dispensing patterns.

ANDA Automation’s fully automatic Selective Coating Machines have been viewed as game-changers in the industry. Automatic Coating is one of the preferred methods of speeding-up the production process. Gone are the days of using a brush or a Pen brush, or the old fashioned Dipping Method, and forget about the Spray Gun technique. The time is ripe to usher in Lower Manpower Costs, Material Savings, High Speeds and Higher Accuracy, and all with higher quality results. A company spokesperson points out that with ANDA’s Automated Coating Machine, no masking is required, which makes direct coating both possible and easy.

Their line is well rounded with their sophisticated Board Handling Equipment and Curing Ovens. Customer Testimonials attest to the increased productivity experienced with the addition of ANDA’s specialized equipment. Take a look at what Mr. Lee Yoon Sang, GM of VS Industry Berhad Malaysia had to say: “We had been looking for a total line solution to fully automate our PCB conformal coating process in year 2012. Anda is able to meet all our requirements with the lowest cost of ownership and a strong local after-sales technical support. We are very happy with the performance of the machines and will continue to install more lines when our vacuum cleaner and coffee markers production volume ramp up in the 2nd half of 2014″.

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