Posture MD Scores Big Win With Kickstarter Campaign Reaching 500% Funding – Extends Pre-Orders Through Indiegogo

Posture MD has been shown to correct poor posture and alleviate the associated back-pain.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, May 19, 2014, Humans have been suffering with back-pain as an inevitable part of progress. Whatever happened to sitting with and standing with a good posture? People have a tendency to “Slouch”. Everybody does it sometime, but the prolonged periods of improper posture are what does the most back damage. The muscles of the back retain the “memory” of “slouching”, and people find themselves sinking down in the chair. Posture MD has a great idea: Posture MD is a unique, full back support that comfortably improves posture while creating a more confident appearance. The revolutionary design allows the user to sit up straight, keeping the shoulders back with no effort from the user. The improved seated posture carries over to a confident look while standing. 

The company reports that the reduction of aches and pains in the lower back, upper back, shoulders, and neck are noticed with the first use. Many people do not realize that Headaches are also the result of a poor posture. In fact, bad sitting habits with a hunched over appearance and forward head posture are one of the main contributors to headaches. Lumbar Supports are an incomplete solution. Researchers at Posture MD had observed that it takes full back support to reverse the damage caused by poor posture while seated.

Posture MD’s revolutionary “staged-wedge” design keeps the users pelvis back while getting progressively wider where contact with the upper back is made. The Patent Pending convex-tech full back support allows shoulder blades to wrap around Posture MD. Simply sitting against Posture MD will create better posture. Its simplicity is ingenious, and the folks on also thought so as they pledged 500% of the Funding Goal.

Due to the huge success on Kickstarter, Posture MD pre-sales are being extended on Indiegogo. Pre-ordering Posture MD will allow customers to get their Posture MD months before this new product hits the market. The creators of Posture MD are excited for the first release of Posture MD to their pre-order customers in late June. offers free information about posture and office pain remedies through their Blog and YouTube Channel. Be sure to get some great tips to relieve stress induced aches and pains from sitting in the car or at work!

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