Chariot Clothes Revolutionizes Fabric Industry with New Waterproofing Technology

From a simple idea that clothes should be impervious to wetting by a baby, the groundbreaking hydrophobic technology at the foundation of Chariot Clothes was born. This new superhydrophobicity technology makes normal cotton fabrics waterproof while still retaining its comfortable breathability. By using a high tech new application process, shirts, pants and hoodies can become utterly resistant to juice, soda or coffee, eliminating any need to immediately treat and soak stained clothing.

This hydrophobic technology involves the application of a micro-layer of fluoro-polymer. This high tech chemical is applied in a vacuum environment and under rigorously controlled conditions. This polymer adheres to the fabric, producing a thoroughly waterproof coating.

This new technology is sure to revolutionize the clothing industry, but Chariot Clothes would like to initially offer their groundbreaking new clothes to the public so they can experience them firsthand. The initial line of T-shirts and hoodies are 95 percent cotton and come in a variety of stylish cuts, sizes and colors. As an added benefit, these hydrophobic clothes do not require specialized treatment; they can be cleaned and dried using any normal washing machine and dryer.

Chariot Clothes is currently seeking the financial support of the public to help get production of these clothes off the ground. The management team has already lined up the suppliers and vendors. They have completed the production design, testing and sample production with spectacular results. They only need the seed money to get the production started. 

By using the Kickstarter platform, Chariot Clothes promises to only start the project if all $20,000 of the campaign is pledged by June 8, 2014. Financial pledges of any size are accepted and appreciated, but larger contributions are rewarded with T-shirts and hoodies treated using the Chariot Clothes proprietary technology. To make a contribution, please visit

If you have any projects which will use this technology please send us an email.

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