New Movie “House Rules” Redefines Edge of Seat Thriller

The newest cinematic project from the blockbuster production team of Lei Mowatt and Andre Dos Santos is “House Rules.” “House Rules” follows a single night in the lives of five friends who gather at a luxurious estate in the lonely countryside. Three mobsters break in and claim that one of the five owes $3 million to their boss. After none of them admit responsibility for the debt, the night becomes fraught with confrontations, life and death choices and a test of friendship.

Directed by creative director Ty Higgins, “House Rules” boasts a star-studded cast that includes James Black (Anger Management) David Shark Fralick (The Young and the Restless), and Garrett T. Sato (The Wolverine).  The script was written by Lei Mowatt who has produced and written major projects like “Project Purgatory,” which was distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group. With a cast and production crew with decades of experience, “House Rules” will be a thrilling cinematic experience which will excite moviegoers around the world.

The production team for “House Rules” is excited to announce that they have begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project. Fans and movie lovers can now be a part of this important piece of cinematic history by pledging a financial contribution. While every contribution is gratefully accepted, larger pledges are rewarded with perks like posters, DVD’s, film credits, and premiere invitations. To make a donation please visit Kickstarter

When you visit the Kickstarter campaign, you can also learn more about the movie, producers and cast. You will find in-depth interviews with the stars of the film and learn why they are so passionate about this project.  There is also exciting graphic art that detail how mature this project is and how invested producers and actors are in “House Rules.”

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