The Lost Art Of Direct Sales By Edward Harding, Foreword By Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins says Harding’s rules of influence are timeless and classic.

Apparently, even internationally known motivational gurus need someone to guide them, initially, on their own path to success, and for Tony Robbins that early mentor was Edward Harding, who recently released “The Lost Art of Direct Sales” through Bush Publishing. 

Robbins has written the book’s foreword for the man who taught him sales and the power of influence as a teenager, and Harding now seeks to pass along his hard-earned wisdom, gained from a lifetime in sales, to readers worldwide.   

Harding’s own successes – running the gamut from direct sales to financing to real estate investment and management – are nearly as impressive as his protégé’s. As Robbins says of the lessons espoused in the book, “These rules of influence are timeless and classic.”

While there are motivational chapters in “The Lost Art of Direct Sales”, the book is chiefly focused on the “art” of selling. It’s a ‘profession not a job’ Harding is openly honored to be a part of, and while he is a devout believer in sales as a career of service, he doesn’t refrain from pointing out, more than once, that it also happens to be the “highest paid profession in the world.”  

Having personally mentored numerous individuals, Harding considers the passing along of his knowledge, and “The Lost Art of Direct Sales”, to be a way of giving back, or as he puts it, “In order to keep it, you have to give it away.”

Altruism aside, “The Lost Art of Direct Sales” will be for sale, of course, and some folks are already sold. Dan Vega, known as “America’s #1 Results Guy”, calls the book “the most complete and practical sales guide I have ever read.”

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About Ed Harding

Ed Harding has been a successful entrepreneur and Real Estate Mogul for more than forty years. He has personally mentored many people to tremendous levels of success, including the young Tony Robbins, and is a living legend in Direct Sales. He is getting ready to launch a new book, The Lost art of Direct Sales and is making his way back to the speaking stage for the first time in twenty years. Mr. Harding will be presenting “The 7 Steps for successful Selling” which will five you a proven system to increase your sales immediately.

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