Xenia Sites Offers Modern Amazon Affiliate Webstores

Xenia Web Stores Are Better Than Ever Before as the team Expands

SIBERIA, RUSSIA – Amazon has offered an affiliate program for over a decade, but some people still struggle to make a profit with it. This is just one of the many reasons Xenia Sites was created.

“Once upon a time I decided to start my own business – the one that could provide a passive income, sufficient profits and free time,” Xenia said. “Then several friends of mine asked me to create sites for them. They were impressed by the quality and began persuading me to develop webstores for sale. And I decided to try.”

From that point forward, business for Xenia Sites began to really take off. This is when additional team members were brought on board to handle the extra activity.

Now, Xenia Sites employs two designers, four developers, two copywriters, two support managers, a marketer and a SEO expert. The entire team is dedicated to the same overall mission:

* Love your customers and love what you do.
* Focus on the quality of your product: code, speed, usability, etc.
* Create outstanding websites with memorable design.
* Follow all new ecommerce and web development trends.
* Help your customers make a great start.
* Provide a life-long support and service.
* Practice an individual approach.

Customers who have worked with them in the past have been very impressed by their ability to stick to their word. With over a thousand Amazon webstores deployed, they are reaching out to others so they too can have success.

Not a Get Rich Quick Scam

Unlike a lot of the get rich quick schemes that plague the internet these days, Xenia Sites is honest and upfront about the work that it’s going to take to see success. They make no claims of being able to start making money overnight.

However, gradually, over time, they have seen positive and consistent results with Amazon webstores that are geared toward a particular group of people. The best part is that the whole process is easily repeatable.

At the same time, Xenia Sites is sure to remind customers that exact results depend on a lot of different factors, including but not limited to the following…

* Niche Selected
* Competition
* Number and Cost of Products
* Consistent Demand for the Products
* Seasonal Demand for other Groups of Products
* The Age of Domain Name
* How Many of Pages the Search Engines Index
* How Well The Webstore Ranks in the Search Engines
* Whether The Website Loads Quickly
* Quality of Web Hosting Is Used
* How Frequently the Website is Updated

Overall, they say it’s about “your personal investment in the website promotion.”

Modern, Solid Amazon Webstores

While a lot of turnkey solutions for selling products from Amazon are available online, not all of them are the greatest. Even being a couple years old online means it’s not going to be something that’s easy for everyone to use – especially on mobile devices.

“I was going to buy a turnkey Amazon affiliate store and thought nothing could be easier. But I faced an unexpected problem: the quality of all sites I looked through left much to be desired. Being a perfectionist (and a developer with higher education, btw) I was looking for a great design, clean code, high speed and good usability,” Xenia said.

Unfortunately, Xenia wasn’t able to find something that made her happy. The good news is this is what spurred her to do her own. And, once it was done to perfection, she started helping her friends – fellow students.

A little while later, things really began to take off. By hiring the right team, Xenia was able to scale her superior Amazon Webstores. Having done over 1,000 already, the Xenia Sites team is ready, willing and able to take it to the next level.

The webstores are turnkey, but Xenia is sure to let people know that there is work involved. This is the key ingredient most make money online systems forget about. And it’s the most important ingredient of all.
Amazon Affiliate Stores Still Work

While aware of all the latest Google algorithm updates and SEO best practices, Xenia Sites Amazon webstores have been created to be beautiful and work without a lot of errors. When free software is used, it’s impossible for consumers to be able to compete in the modern world.

And when people don’t see instant, easy success, they start to spread lies and rumors, saying that the Amazon affiliate program is dead. Or that SEO is dead. And so on and so forth. The truth is that people like Xenia are showing that Amazon is alive and well when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Her advice to those who don’t believe? “If you want to start your own affiliate business, buy a turnkey Amazon store or order a custom webstore.”

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