Bolingbrook’s Brown Investment Group Helping Homeowners Sell Their House In 7 Days Or Less

Situations arise that make selling a house a necessity in order to become financially stable. Brown Investment Group has developed an expertise in the quick sale of all types of homes.

BOLINGBROOK, ILLINOIS, May 30, 2014. What does a person do when they have to sell a home right away? No time for signing up with a real estate agent and hope for the best. What is needed is some expertise in the speedy sale of properties. Very few real estate firms make this their specialty. Brown Investment Group has been doing exactly this for many years. They can sell a home in 7 days or less. If they cannot sell it, they may buy it for a fair price.

Owners of properties become sellers for various reasons. They may have a tenant from hell, going through a Divorce, needs costly repairs, relocating, behind on payments, or the house may be sitting vacant month after month. Whatever the reason, Brown Investment Group has been very successful at turning sellers nightmares into a cash windfall. The fact of the matter is that a homeowner can call Brown Investment Group and sell it to them without investing a single penny for repairs, and walk out the front door free and clear. Think about the reduction in stress when an unsaleable home is finally sold.

Brown Investment Group reports that they will pay all cash, take over payments, or lease-purchase the home immediately. They will handle all of the paperwork, make all of the arrangements, and close within a few days if necessary. Clients have said that it was like a big weight being lifted off of their shoulders, or like coming out of a dark cloud. It can really be a life-changing event to suddenly have the capital to make life better for the family.

A company spokesperson had this to say during a recent interview: “Many people who are in Foreclosure end up losing their homes. It’s such a shame to see them walk away from a lifetime of memories with nothing, or even more in debt. If they would have just called us, I am confident that we could have helped them. I truly feel bad for them, and I get a real thrill out of putting a smile on a desperate homeowners face. We create and provide “Win-Win” real estate solutions for all of our customers.”

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