Elite Tech Engineering Announces Milestone of Over Eight Years Helping Companies With Build-To-Print Solutions

Since 2006, Elite Tech has been providing turn-key solutions for manufacturing and other markets using the latest advanced technology. When Rapid Prototyping, production drawings and documentations are required, Elite has taken its place at the top of the industry.

SHUN LI, SINGAPORE, May 30, 2014. Elite Tech Engineering is celebrating passing the milestone of over eight years of providing Build-To-Print, and other high-tech solutions to companies all over the World. Many companies have experienced a rapid increase in their production capacity thanks to Elite. When it comes to replacements and spare parts, Elite leads the way. They have established themselves as the place to go for: (OEM) Equivalent Replacement (Mechanical Parts), Turn-Key Solutions, Build-To-Print Solutions, Replacement of Parts Services, and Innovative Design and Creativity Services.

It is obvious that Elite Tech has their Engineering Design Service down to a science. They will send their account executive to the site to gather information and consult with the client. Then they will source for a replacement, materials and resources on the global markets, the component is then fabricated at their production center. During the analysis, they brainstorm and conduct research while using AutoCAD software for modeling and prototyping. After the submittal drawings are approved, they build to print.

Elite Tech will manage the manufacturing process from the mechanical, electrical and software design of the product, through fabrication, and assembly to testing. They ensure that the newly created product operates according to its specifications. With their state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical test equipment, any faults in the product can be traced and repaired. Part of the testing program is to verify that the product is functional and reliable even in worst case scenarios.

The company reports that they can work with existing drawings furnished by the client, or they can generate new drawings. Prototype Drawings translate the client’s design into reality. Very often, and old part can be updated and improved delivering increased performance, and very often more efficient production capabilities.

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