New Site Launched In An Attempt To Dominate The Genre – Quickly Becoming The Site To Visit For High Quality Bedding And Linens

Poor sleep is more than a frustration, it can be bad for a persons overall health. Egyptian Linen provides a feeling that is conducive to restful sleep.

DULUTH, GEORGIA, June 2, 2014, It is an accepted scientific fact that poor sleeping habits can lead to many health problems, and even shorten the lifetime of older adults. When people sleep on extremely soft bed linens and pillow cases, the sleep derived is plentiful and restful. It’s all about the feeling of waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. was launched with the Mission of providing the most comfortable sleeping linens that can be found anywhere in the world.

There’s nothing quite like the feel of Egyptian Cotton. Its long fibers and high thread count makes it the perfect material for high-quality bedding. Long ago, the only way to buy Egyptian Linen Sheets was to visit expensive luxury shops. Shoppers can now easily go online and instantly find a vast selection of Egyptian Linen items to choose from. For several centuries, Egyptian cotton has given Egypt a competitive advantage because the entire World knows that it is the best “cotton” available anywhere.

Several factors go into why this material is the best “cotton” linen available on the planet. The length of the fibers enables the manufacture of the finest materials without sacrificing yarn strength. The reason these fabrics appear so color intense is the ability of the fabric to absorb more liquids. This hand-picked Egyptian cotton causes no stress on the fibers, as does mechanical cotton picking. Hand-picking also guarantees the highest levels of quality. Egyptian linen is a hypoallergenic fabric that provides fantastic warmth far above ordinary cotton linen. wants to be the “go-to” site for: Linens, Sheet Sets, Pillow Cases, Duvets Cases & Covers, and more. Many different thread counts and colors are available. Any bed can be turned into a “sleepers paradise” with the addition of a 100% Egyptian Cotton Linen bed sheet and pillow cases. They also make a great gift, the gift of good sleep.

For complete information, please visit: Elegant Egyptian Linens

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