Australia’s Web-TV Sensation SYD2030 Set for Season 2

Smart, young, raw, edgy and full of Sydney Harbour and other iconic Sydney landscapes Australia’s latest web-TV sensation SYD2030 is ready to launch its second season. All that’s missing is funding. That’s why the trailblazing producers have turned to the best resource possible – their fans. And they are confident you’ll like what you see.

Swiftly becoming a household name in the under 30-something crowd this web series is set on location in the breathtaking rugged beauty of Sydney Australia. The SYD2030 feel is compelling and took the internet and young Australian viewers by storm.

Despite the tremendous success of Season 1, the clock is ticking and there are just 10 days left on this campaign to step up and help make Season 2 go all the way. With Season 1 behind them they have succeeded in carving out a niche by filling a gap in the Australian TV market for young adult drama that was traditionally filled by American shows like Gossip Girl and 90210.   

The producers know their audience – since they are all film students fresh out of university with no deep pockets or Hollywood connections. They filled a hole in the Australian young adult market with their own web TV series chock full of good looking raw Aussie talent. This relationship-drama dials it up with scripting and locations that sizzle. 

Check out the HUGE number of awards they were nominated for (and brought home). The producers have been invited to lecture at OZ universities and internationally! No small feat for a bunch of ‘unknowns’. With the cast and crew poised for Season 2, these entrepreneurs have taken their campaign to the (virtual) street.  “…We are on the cusp of doing something completely unprecedented in this medium.” Check out their crowd funding Kickstarter campaign site and see why it rocks. In the past two years they have gotten the attention of the big leagues, and brought home a bucket of awards.

Unfortunately, being the first web-TV series to be picked up by a major network wasn’t enough to secure full funding for Season 2. Help secure this series’ hard-won foothold in TV history. Get online to save your favourite characters and make a difference in the way web-TV is viewed and in the future. You’ll be stoking Sydney’s web-TV fledgling industry at the same time. This campaign pays it back to everyone: dreamers, trailblazers and future film stars and professors.

Great perks are waiting. This includes personalized postcards ($20), original scripts, a chance to write a line for your favourite character, even hanging out on the set. Your donation doesn’t have to be iconic – but your support will be! As the director says, Please jump into the deep end with us and help us make SYD2030 a show people will be calling ‘the series that changed everything’. For all the juicy details follow and share these links fast – just 10 days left!

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