Important Study Published By University of Colorado School of Medicine Supports Vitamin D3 Supplementation In The Prevention and Treatment of Infection

Study shows that Vitamin D3 Supplementation has an impact on the incidence and severity of infections.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, June 9, 2014, More and more clinical evidence is being presented that confirms the efficacy of Vitamin D3 Supplementation due to its positive interaction with the immune system and inflammatory cascades that disrupt bodily functions. These finding have been proven to be especially valid relating to infections in children, especially respiratory infections. The recent study by the School of Medicine at The University of Colorado, Dept. Of Pediatrics, is yet another piece of evidence that supports Vitamin D3 usage for optimum wellness.

In general, Vitamin D Deficiency is at epidemic proportions in all populations. Certain groups with the population have been identified as high risk for this deficiency. African-Americans are at risk because the increased “melanin” in darker skin blocks the UV rays necessary for the body to produce the vitamin. Elderly individuals are already considered a high risk group for Vitamin D deficiency. Elderly African-Americans should be considered a double high risk group in need of high daily doses, 5,000IU, of Vitamin D3.

Companies like Omega Soul Research are at the forefront of Vitamin D3 research. They have just announced the release of a second-generation form of Vitamin D3, which is incorporated into a medium of healthy extra-virgin olive oil and produces a very high rate of absorption, thus providing 5,000IU of HPLC Tested 100% pure Vitamin D3. The efficacy of Vitamin D3 in wellness is well documented. It is important in: The Clotting of Blood, Cardiac & Muscle Function, Bone & Teeth Mineral Density, Intestinal Cell Regeneration, Regulation of Calcium & Phosphorus, and enhances immune function.

Evidence is mounting on a continuous basis that points to the importance of Vitamin D3 Supplementation by all age groups, and across all ethnic groups as well. The medical community accepts that it will help to avoid: Rickets, Soft Bones and Teeth, Cramps & Diarrhea, Hormone Imbalance, Insomnia, Anxiety, and more. Omega Soul Research’s Vitamin D3 Formula provides 5,000IU per dose, which is ample dosage in order to have a therapeutic effect.

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