NuvoSport is coming with nutritious revolution!

Give your body all it needs in healthy, practical and tasty products and support a good cause

Mr. Sol Wahba, the CEO of Nuvosport LLC Nutrition Drinks, has been trying to develop convenient nutrition drinks for the kosher community, ever since he learned the impact that protein and the nutrients have on our health. Now, after decade of research, Nuvosport’sProshots, Fruitmania, and Turbomeal will be available to the kosher community next month.

What is so revolutionary about NuvoSport products? What makes them different? From the beginning, Mr. Wahba had a vision of products with very high standards: no artificial colors or flavors, healthy, tasty, kosher, easy to use, with right amount of nutrients. His partner, James Duffy, who had been performing medical research for 10 years to provide nutritional supplements to people who need it in the medical format, helped him develop the products he envisioned.There’s a lot of technology behind Nuvosport’s ability to squeeze the nutrients of two pounds of fruits and vegetables (the USDA daily recommended 5 full servings), into one three-ounce bottle.

“It often takes 10 or 20 years of eating the wrong things for it to catch up with our health,” concluded Sol. “I’m so proud that I can now give the kosher community a real tool in taking charge, and making sure they feel great for a long, long time.”NuvoSport products can be of great benefit for basically anyone, in particular women, people with sedentary lifestyle, seniors, chemo patients, people who suffered injury.

NuvoSport new product line offers healthy, high quality and tasty, easy to use nutritional food, beverages and snacks that will improve the overall health and well-being of their consumers. NuvoSport products are a unique blend of protein, fruits and vegetables, natural amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to deliver on-the-go nutrition free of gluten, cholesterol, lactose, GMOs, or preservatives. The products are ready to drink and do not require any further processing; they come in small plastic vials, which are portable and durable.

The basic products are: Proshots, containing 25 grams of protein (up to 50% of its recommended daily value), while cutting down on the sugar and calorie contents as well (less than 100 calories), available in four flavors; Fruit Mania, a unique drinkcontaining 3 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables as well as 5 grams of dietary fiber; and Turbo Meal, a meal replacement shot, designed to guaranteethat the consumer does not miss any of the essential daily nutrients by missing meals, containing 20 grams of protein, 2 servings of fruit and vegetable, 10 grams of dietary fiber, triple omega 3 oils,  27 vitamins and minerals, and only 240 calories.

NuvoSport decided to use a crowdfunding platform to give people an opportunity to pre-order these fantastic new products. And, moreover, a portion of the proceeds from the campaign will be donated to Eco Africa Social Ventures, a volunteer-run non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic empowerment in Africa through arts and crafts.

Supporters of the IndieGoGo campaign are given packs of the company’s quality health products. To help make NuvoSport’s nutritional drinks available and to feed the beast inside, visit

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