Artists Bring Inspirational Frida Kahlo to Life in Artistic Doll Collection

They may be pint-sized but they pack a punch of inspiration.  Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954) had dual Mexican and European heritage and is well-known internationally for both her paintings and often stormy relationship with muralist Diego Rivera. Her unique style blends vivid colour with composition. Apart from the artwork, it was the way in which she approached challenges that became an inspiration for millions of people.

Two Mexican artists inspired by Frida’s work and philosophy have struck a deal with Frida’s family to help keep her vivid artwork and spirit alive via a new miniature doll collection. Starting with four of the hand painted dolls – the creators have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to make sure this exciting new collection comes to life to be enjoyed by both serious art collectors and anyone just in need of some good Frida ‘mojo’. This woman is quoted as saying, “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”  

These small pieces of vibrantly coloured and detailed artworks are all carefully detailed and are sure to be a conversation piece at home or the office. Whether you display them on your desk or in a special cabinet reserved for worldwide treasures; Frida will bring a special something to your life. With the help and support of Kahlo’s family the two artists designed this collection to help Frida spread inspiration. Each toy has a beautiful story behind.

As the co-creators explain, “We want you to have these figures as a lucky charm, a reminder and a connection with Frida to find the creativity, the passion, the courage, the honor and dignity in every moment of your life just as she did. Place your Frida near you as a companion in this marvellous and colourful adventure called life and let her inspiration guide you.”  Each figurine will be made in vinyl, painted in full color and with a matte finish. The weight will be approximately 0.7 oz. so Frida’s good to go if take her on the road.

The Kickstarter campaign is targeting $35,000 to cover modelling and production. This isn’t much considering you can get a one of a kind work of art while helping to preserve artistic history.  Whether you give a little or a lot there are perks for everyone.  Choose from custom postcards featuring her art, unique T shirts (all rewards except pledge of $9), magnet quotes for the fridge (you get to vote on quotes you like best), or even score the whole collection and a little doll made just for you!  There’s even an unpublished photo of the artist specially released by her family for this campaign.

As Luis of Favoritoys explains, he began making these Art Toys as birthday gifts for his wife Frida who was named after the famous Mexican painter! So many people asked for one that the concept was born.  “We created this Art Toy collection as a small tribute to the artist to remember the essence of Frida.”  Now, the homework is done and they are ready for production and to share Frida with the world. They just need some help from you!  Rudy and Luis are the talent and heart behind this. “We want to take this opportunity to say, “Thank You!” for backing this project and our dream.” Every dollar counts! Take advantage of cool and unique perks from T-shirts, to one (or more) of the Art Toys.  For just $159 and up you can get not only the collection – but they will make a one of a kind Art Toy of YOU!  How fun is that! Just send photos of yourself and the artists will make your very own 3D printed and hand painted Art Toy to sit alongside the full FK Art Toy Collection.  

Do yourself a favour and check out their very clever little animation on the Kickstarter site to see how things are made.  Since crowd funding is about getting everyone to give – they sweetened the deal: for every 1,000 BACKERS they will add a NEW post card for the ‘$39 pledge’.  Help spread the word about Frida’s adventure far and wide with everyone via social media.  For all the details: Frida Kahlo Art Toy Kickstarter Campaign

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