YESCiGS Release Three New Flavours of E Liquid Among New Range of Special Offers

YESCiGS has created three original and distinct flavours of e-liquid for their popular e-cigarette product, as part of a suite of new special offers released on

E-cigarettes have taken the smoking world by storm, using a water vapour based delivery agent that lacks tar, ash, carbon monoxide and smoky odours, as well as being a friendlier alternative in non-smoking company that can legally be used indoors. As a result, more people than ever are turning to e-cigarettes and away from traditional combustibles. This trend is being accelerated by the hugely customizable range of different flavours available, a trait unique to e-cigs. YESCiGS is one of the leading e-cigarette brands and they have released three new vapour flavours along with a number of special offers to give their customers additional choices at market leading prices.


The three new flavours include watermelon, a refreshing summer fruit taste that can take the edge of the hottest day, bubblegum, which can add sweetness and a sugary pop to the experience, and tobacco leaf, the most authentic traditional flavour yet to be created. This comes hot on the heels of their menthol e-liquid and other popular flavours.

E-liquid offers versatility not possible through traditional tobacco, and has accounted for much of the novelty that draws smokers away from cigarettes away for the first time. Once they have, they often stick to e-cigarettes permanently thanks to their versatility.

A spokesperson for YESCiGS explained, “In addition to our new e-liquids we have a range of special offers to help people enjoy them. We have a special on five e-liquid bottles of your choice, so users can get a whole range of flavours for less than fourteen pounds, on an ego T2 E cigarette with two e-liquids, and on 6 packs of tobacco cartomizers so individuals can fulfil every need they could have for an e-cigarette just from our amazing array on offer. Ideal for individuals to buy for themselves and for their smoker friends as a gift, there’s never been a better time to buy.”

About YESCiGS:

The YESCiGS e cigarette is a battery powered inhaler that delivers a realistic smoking experience and satisfies nicotine cravings in the form of a light vapour instead of traditional combustible smoke. Users can still enjoy the experience of smoking without worrying about cancerous toxins associated with conventional tobacco products. For more information please visit:

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