MEDIA ADVISORY Retraction Momma’s Best Homemade Products

Virginia Beach, VA — Momma’s Best Homemade Beauty Products is retracting a release that erroneously stated “Mommas Best Homemade Beauty Products by Military Spouse Promise Improved Fertility”. This statement is not approved by the owner and founder of Momma’s Best Homemade, Tammy Mason.

“The announcement containing the erroneous claims was inadvertently released to the press,” said Tammy. “My company has never pretended to give clinical advice. We have never claimed that we have a clinical solution to infertility. We regret that this claim was published.”

After suffering eight miscarriages, Tammy did her own research and found several clinical journals and cancer foundations reporting that avoiding chemical-rich skin care products could help a woman having difficulty conceiving or carrying to term. As a result Tammy developed her own line of organic skin care products and started the company, Momma’s Best Homemade.

The initial release was designed to promote her growing company, as well as her newly launched crowd-funding campaign. Momma’s Best Homemade will use the funds to copywrite logo, name, purchase new equipment and add staff. The crowd funding campaign can be found at:

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