Vincent’s Playing Cards Combines Fine Art with Card Games

One of the most brilliant amalgamations of fine art and card games is the new product Vincent’s Playing cards. Each of these exquisitely designed decks have images from one of history’s most beloved artists, Vincent Van Gogh. The prolific Dutch painter produced some of the most admired in the artistic canon works including Starry Night, Sunflowers and Bedroom in Arles. Each deck of Vincent’s Playing Cards will include 112 images of these breathtaking paintings.

Vincent’s Playing Cards is the brainchild of John Rangel and Rhesov Velvex. Assured with the success of this first venture, John and Rhesov hope to produce new sets of cards in the future, each depicting artistic masterpieces from the world’s greatest artists.

Finally and most importantly, John and Rhesov are writing a logbook, detailing the pro and cons, and all that they have found in the pre-campaign phases and during the actual campaign, in order to provide experience to people who want to plan a campaign for their projects on Kickstarter, and train them on how to repeat their successes and not commit the same mistakes.

Win or lose, this ebook delivers superb value for learning how to conduct a successful campaign, and to our knowledge it is seen for the first time in a crowfunding portal.

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