Rabbi Shlomo Braun joins the Guardians of our Nation’s Borders at JFK’S Jewish American Celebration

(Left to Right: Michael Melman, Rabbi Shlomo Braun, Officer Emanuel Almog, Susan Mitchell, Port Director, JFK, Mr. Joel Eisdorfer, Liaison for Brooklyn Boro President, Melvin J. Benison, Financial Advisor, and Zvi Gluck.)

On May 28 US Customs and Border Protection at John F. Kennedy International Airport celebrated their Annual Jewish American Heritage, named “Tikun Olam, Healing the World”.

Their mission is America’s frontline, who safeguards the American Homeland at and beyond our borders. They protect the American public against terrorists and instruments of terror. They steadfastly enforce the laws of the United States while fostering the nation’s economic security through lawful international trade and travel. US Customs and Border Protection at JFK serve the American public with vigilance, integrity and professionalism.

A very distinguished presentation took place at the event beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance by Elliot Weiss, CBP Agriculture Specialist followed by Welcoming Remarks by Susan T. Mitchell, Port Director of JFK International Airport. A Proclamation was read by Officer Emanuel Almog, CBP Officer.

Guest Speakers, Dr. Cynthia Kaplan-Shamash, Board of Directors, Museum of Jewish Heritage, as well as Ms. Carole Basri, Executive Director, Corp. Compliance Institute, Fordham Univ. Law School shared some gruesome stories about the deterioration of the Iranian and Iraqi Governments who were still slaughtering people during the 1970s, especially Jews.

The Jewish People have been at the forefront of the Government for hundreds of years in that regent and presently there are only a handful of Jews left.  

Closing Remarks and Special Presentation was given by Leonard H. Angevine, Civil Rights Officer, NY Field Operations.

Close to 100 community, civil and government officials enjoyed all types of ethnic foods at the Cocktail Reception where Rabbi Shlomo Braun had the opportunity to discuss with the attendees at the event, much of the work done by the Aleh Foundation on behalf of special children in Israel.

Rabbi Shlomo Braun is the Founder and Director of the Aleh Foundation located at 537 13th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11219, who recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner in the Museum of Jewish Heritage and had guests from Johannesburg, Arizona Israel and the Tri state Area.


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