Smoke Shop Talk Publishes New Reviews Of Skycloud and K-Vape Vaporizers

Smoke Shop Talk has published brand new reviews of the latest vaporizer releases of Skycloud and K-Vape, each vying for the top position in their best-rated rankings.

Vaporizers are rapidly rising in popularity and some sources are predicting they will overtake conventional combustible cigarettes owing to their far greater versatility. They offer a cleaner, more varied experience and with the rising popularity comes a rising number of manufacturers trying to create the best product and dominate the expanding market share. Smoke Shop Talk helps foster a community of smart users who review the latest releases. They have just published reviews of Sky Cloud and K-Vape’s latest offerings.

The Skycloud Vape Pen Review describes the design, build quality, battery life, maintenance requirements and price together with a summary of the key unique selling points and biggest drawbacks. The review then goes into detail on each of the features and presents a biographical user experience before reaching a conclusion. 

The K-Vape By Kandypens Review follows the same format, and it is easy to see from reading both reviews that they are very closely matched in terms of quality and design, and while both come with a high overall rating, the particular usage demands of individual users will largely determine which is the victor.

A spokesperson for Smoke Shop Talk explained, “These two products were both launched very close together because of the growing arms race amongst vaporizer brands to try and release the defining product that will appeal to users and build brand loyalty before the competition can steal them away. This has resulted in some serious innovation and improvement in the technology, and this can only be a good thing for users. Both these products come very highly recommended by us, and whether individuals simply want to assess the key features or USPs, or want to get in-depth, we present our reviews in such a way that people will be satisfied whatever they’re looking for when making a decision.”

About Smoke Shop Talk:

Smoke Shop Talk provides reviews for all of the best vaporizer pens in one place. They have a ‘best vaporizer pen’ guide that gives ratings and reviews of the best vape pens, replete with key settings and pictures, together with quality in-depth reviews on each one. The site is an invaluable resource for those looking to identify the top vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers in the market.

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