Jeff Landers, CDFA, CRPC, Bedrock Divorce Advisors, Joins the Life Thru Divorce Community

Jeff Landers, CDFA, CRPC, Bedrock Divorce Advisors, joins the team of professionals at to contribute featured content.

The financial implications of a divorce can be devastating for both parties involved. There is a real impact on the numbers as well as an emotional toll that can further aggravate any situation. Each divorce situation is different — will there be temporary, permanent or rehabilitative alimony? Will there be zero alimony awarded? People taking advice from peers may end up with information that is irrelevant or even harmful to their financial future.

Jeff Landers, CDFA, CRPC, founded Bedrock Divorce Advisors, which assists women and their divorce attorneys with determining the most advantageous way to divide marital assets. Landers now contributes to

LifeThruDivorce is a dynamic, interactive resource for men, women, children and anyone going through divorce. It is the first, one-stop site for advice, support, and empathy on all matters relating to divorce. New content is added every day, from both the Member and Professional Contributor Community. In fact, they are talking to contributors with expertise including Law, Finance, Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Travel, Education and beyond.

Landers, one of many content influencers to the new website, partnered with LifeThruDivorce because of the potential to help more people and to possibly connect with prospective clients.  Landers is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest book which will be featured on the site.

Here are examples of recently added content:

• The Four Divorce Alternatives

• Can I still get medical insurance from my Ex after divorce?

• You’re getting a divorce. Are you sure you want the house?

Speak with the Community founders to learn more about the mission of the website and the enhanced content planned for the future.

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