Innovet Pet Products Announces Launch of 100% Safe and Natural Pet Face Whitener and Tear Stain Remover PurEyes to High Anticipation

Most pet stain removers pose a significant danger to the health of pets. PurEyes is a new pet friendly, pet face whitener and natural tear stain remover from Innovet Pet Products, created as a solution to these issues allowing pet owners to keep their pets looking great, while also keeping their dogs and cats safe.

March 16, 2015 — For an active pet, developing pet stains is a part of life, especially for older animals who aren’t in the best of health. Sadly, cleaning up these stains with commercial stain removers or antibiotics poses a danger to a family’s beloved cats and dogs, due to the dangerous chemicals that are in nearly all of their formulas and the fact that they just don’t work. Innovet Pet Products, known for their pet-friendly safe products, recently announced the launch of their new product PurEyes. PurEyes is a 100% natural, antibiotic free, pet face whitnener and stain remover designed not only to be effective, but also to keep pets healthy and safe. Customers have been quick to express their excitement about the release.

“Keeping our dogs and cats safe and looking great is something we couldn’t feel more passionate about,” remarked David Louvet a spokesperson for Innovet Pet Products. “PurEyes is a remarkable resource for cleaning up pet stains. There’s no peroxides, no alcohol and most importantly no antibiotics, all things that can damage a pets overall long term health. Antibiotics were intended for potentially life threatening infections not purely aesthetic concerns. Many stain removers actually contain the antibiotic Tylosin, which is not approved by the FDA for use with companion pets. This made it very important to our company to offer a safe, proven alternative to these kind of risky products.”

According to Innovet Pet Products, the 100% natural formula of PurEyes contains a proprietary blend of botanical oils as its most important ingredient, along with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), corn starch and aloe vera. The formula has the benefit of being sting free and also helps prevent future stains. Most light stains are whitened and removed within three to five weeks.

Customers have been quick to give the product very positive feedback.

Douglas G., from Boston, recently said, “We used PurEyes for our dog Rufus who had pretty bad tear stains for years and years. The product sounded very fascinating and I’m glad to say it worked wonders returning his hair to its original color. The combination of low price, how well it worked and knowing it’s safe makes PurEyes the perfect product for this kind of issue. I’m telling all of my friends and family about how great it is.”

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