Voting is open! For BOLD! 2015 Small Business Book of the Year Award

Voting has begun for the Small Business Book of The Year Awards. It’s time to vote for the favorite business book for 2014.

Houston, TX – Mar, 16th 2015 – When the book BOLD! Helping YOU Unleash The Hero Within by Melissa Krivachek, Les Brown, and 11 other successful entrepreneurs was released on September 3, 2014, it definitely lived up to its name as it became an overnight sensation and international best-seller in four different categories including Professional Development; Personal Success; Education and Training; and Business and Finance. As a result of having such a powerful and profound impact in the marketplace, it has been nominated for the “2015 Small Business Book of The Year Award” in the category of Motivation.

Avid reader and small business owner Laura Wright says, “Each author is the very definition of BOLD! If you have a chance to work with them, jump on it. This book is chock full of insights and is a must-have tool in your success library.”

Because the 13 BOLD! Entrepreneurs from across the globe share their passions, their stories and their expertise so candidly in this book with the intention of inspiring entrepreneurs worldwide to pursue their passions as well, readers get to discover how they have each actually created their businesses in such a way that allows them to live the lifestyle they truly desire. It was not the titles, the accolades, the power or the money they have accumulated, but rather their ability to have faith from the get-go without knowing whether or not the adventure they were about to embark on would work out. Melissa Krivachek says, “This isn’t just another book to add to your collection, it is a tool to help accelerate your business and life. BOLD! is a compilation of chapters by authors from different backgrounds, ages and various industries coming together from across the globe to share insight into what has helped them turn struggle into success—and do so in a major way.”

“You’d be insane not to spend a dollar on a book that can make you into a multi-millionaire!” says reader Brandon Havener. Thousands of other readers worldwide have expressed their gratitude for the book that gives them the tools, knowledge and insight that they can utilize to accelerate their life, business and bottom line.

BOLD! is more than just a book because it is the framework for helping entrepreneurs understand what changes they need to make—and more importantly, how to make them to get the results they desire in life, whether the desire is to change in the areas of  Health, Finances, Career, Relationships, or Personal Image and Self-Esteem. Each author shares in depth insight into how they have overcome the obstacles in life that stood between them and their own definition of success.

Co-Author and Publisher T. Allen Hanes went on to say “BOLD has been a launch pad for all entrepreneurs including people just making the transition to being an entrepreneur and seasoned entrepreneurs as well. Feedback has been powerful from people who have read the book.” Comments like:

“The message is dead on! You inspire me to grow my business BIG! I took my dream and made it BIGGER!” -Kimberly Sykes

James Scholes, Co-author added “Having been part of the BOLD team I know firsthand the power of BOLD.

Of course, I gifted the book to a few people I thought would benefit, but WOW, I never expected some of the success stories I am hearing of how they were motivated to action on long dreamed about goals. One individual obtained their dream job and dream pay. Another went from working their business on the side to full-time entrepreneur!”

BOLD IS changing lives!

With the book now being up for the “2015 Small Business Book of The Year Award,” family, and friends get an opportunity to vote for the book (find out more information about the award) by visiting: Bold Small Business Book Awards. Each vote counts. The more help to spread the word about getting BOLD! and casting a vote for the book, not only will its authors be incredibly grateful for the support in helping the book win an award, it will also help spread its influence in helping many other entrepreneurs win in life and in business.

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