Cybrary Redefines IT And Cyber Security Education With Free Online Training

Greenbelt, MD. – Cybrary, the world’s first and only free IT and cyber security MOOC today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to support its mission of providing tuition-free, high-quality technical training to anyone, anywhere, and at any skill level.

“It has become impossible for many people to pursue their passion of learning about technology and cyber security because of the outrageous costs associated with and lack of availability of quality training,” said Ryan Corey, co-founder of Cybrary. “We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, so we built the framework for anyone to pursue their dream by provide an environment to receive IT and cyber security training without the cost.”

With the funds raised through this new Kickstarter program, Cybrary plans to expand their already robust list of classes and resources available to the public. Additionally, they want to develop new features such as transcriptions/captioning for all of the videos for the hearing impaired, a mobile app, so that people do not necessarily have to stream the learning content, and more interactive learning tools and exercises like quizzes and other ways of testing comprehension.

While Cybrary is hoping to raise $200,000, an investment of just $25,000 would enable them to develop the mobile app and attain additional resources that would further facilitate their desire to train people in developing nations. Cybrary’s goal is to reach approximately 250,000 users globally. In just two months of operation, the MOOC has already enrolled 40,000 users.

To learn more about or to back this project, visit Cybrary’s Kickstarter page.

About Cybrary.IT

Founded in 2015, Cybrary.IT gives aspiring and practicing IT professionals what they have long deserved and been denied:  access to free, high-quality, open-source and results-focused IT and cyber security training that will help start and advance their careers. A MOOC provider whose top managers have nearly 15 years of experience in IT training, Cybrary.IT offers free online training to anyone, anywhere and at every skill level in systems administration, network administration and cyber security.

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