Business Strategist, William F. Cassidy, Announces New Website Offering Authority Marketing Services For Business Owners And Professionals

Author, Publisher and Business Strategist William F. Cassidy launches on Tuesday March 17, 2015 offering Authority Marketing Services to help Business Owners and Professionals quickly build Authority Credentials and receive national media exposure.

Southampton, New York – March 17, 2015 – Business owners and professionals looking for a way to quickly elevate their business and stand out from the crowd without having to invest large amounts of time, money and energy now have a place to go. Traditionally, the problem for business owners looking to set themselves apart from their competition, especially small business owners, was they had to wait and hope that someone important, think news reporter, noticed them or they had to pay a marketing agency an exorbitant amount of money to create national media interest and exposure. It could take years and paying an agency was typically beyond the reach of most business owner’s budgets. With the recent advent of Authority Marketing on the Internet, building Authority Credentials using the news media is now more accessible and affordable than ever before.

The Authority Launchpad website explains Authority Marketing as the process of creating newsworthy events that position business owners as experts solving a problem, then leveraging the credibility and trust gained with smart marketing principles for increased profits and accelerated business growth. Cassidy calls these newsworthy events Authority Credentials. Displaying Authority Credentials on websites and other marketing material invokes immediately trust and credibility and helps differentiate businesses from their competitors.

Until now, being positioned as an expert was expensive and time consuming and often out of the reach of most business owners. Authority Launchpad solves this problem by offering proven services that enable professionals an affordable way to quickly impress potential prospects and existing clients without investing years of time or breaking the bank. Authority Positioning can also be the catalyst for organic interest and future opportunities.

“Authority Marketing works for almost any business owner, professional or entrepreneur; even if you’ve never had national media exposure before. All you need to be positioned as an expert is to be willing to use your unique experience and knowledge to help others,” states Cassidy before listing a series of benefits that can be found on the website. “The biggest benefit to using Authority Positioning and national media exposure comes from the credibility and trust immediately conveyed to prospects and customers.” William explains, “When a prospect sees that you are a best selling author that has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and others, your perceived value is immediately recognized and increased.”

Authority Launchpad services include Best Selling Author Status, Spotlight Articles and Authority Quote campaigns as well as free Authority Marketing training. There is also discount pricing during the pre-launch period. An affiliate program is also expected before the official launch sometime in April.

William F. Cassidy, a best selling author, publisher, business strategist with over 20 years of marketing and technology experience and early adopter of Authority Marketing. He has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and many others well known news media websites.

To learn more about Authority Marketing or Authority Launchpad visit or contact William at (631) 287-6615.

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