Restoring JFK’s “Great National Effort” in PE

Creating a Documentary Film that Shows the Positive Effects of Vigorous PE

Carmicheal, California – March 18, 2015 – Film Director Doug Orchard, national fitness leaders, and the alumni of La Sierra High School who were part of the “Great National Effort” PE program proposed by John F. Kennedy (1962), have teamed together to get America fit again. They have turned to the crowdfunding community to receive funding to film those who participated in the program. The documentary will show how the training has benefited their lives over the past fifty years. The goal is to raise $460,000 by April 11th, 2015. 

John F. Kennedy believed, “A nation is only as strong as its people.” JFK said fitness makes people happier and better citizens. Today we have over 800 studies that show youth do better academically with vigorous PE.  The cost of healthcare is also more manageable if Americans are fit.

Stan LeProtti, the original PE teacher at La Sierra High, used a classical method to move the body well without injury. This method can be traced back to the Greeks. After LeProtti’s program got the attention of President JFK, he immediately challenged every school system in America to join, and asked every American to make a “Great National Effort.” Over 4,000 schools followed the program. It dramatically changed the lives of many Americans.

La Sierra High PE was the last great PE program in America to make a national impact.

However, parents who did not understand the academic, emotional, and physical benefits for their children eventually lost interest and the program faded away.  Today we see the consequence with our youth.  It is time to bring this program back. The film will educate and motivate parents, school systems, and politicians to restore JFK’s “Great National Effort” in PE.

Funds from the IndieGoGo campaign will go towards the production of the full-length motion picture.  Filming is scheduled to begin in April this year.  The documentary will be released to various film festivals starting the fall of 2015, and planned to be released in theaters in the Summer of 2016. To make a contribution, please visit the campaign or click here.

A donation of any amount counts! Those who cannot give, but wish to show support, please share this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Together, America can transform the lives of all youth to be healthy and grow into adults that make a contribution to society. 

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