Grand Canyon University Hires Dr. Steve Broe as Professor

Grand Canyon University has hired best-selling author, executive coach and speaker Dr. Steve Broe as a professor in their school of Humanities and Social Services to teach courses on leadership.

Grand Canyon University has hired Dr. Steve Broe as a professor in their school of Humanities and Social Services. Broe will begin faculty training in early March and will specialize in teaching courses for masters’ students in their cohort program in the evenings. Grand Canyon University has asked Broe to teach courses on leadership.

Since 1949, Grand Canyon University has been an esteemed private Christian university in Arizona. It offers programs through eight colleges. Students may learn through online, evening and campus-based degree programs.

Broe has been an online instructor since 2001, teaching courses in management and organizational behavior. He is the author of Leaders In Transition (2012) which helps career changers move into leadership roles in a new field of work. He is also an executive coach.

Broe is excited to be able to help college learners expand their professional abilities and rise to the challenges of leadership in their careers. “Today’s learners are focused on applying what they know as quickly as possible. I work with them to become leaders in their current jobs – not five years from now. This generation wants relevant and meaningful ideas – then they apply as quickly as they can. That is one reason why it is exciting to work with young professionals.”

Broe is working on the release of another leadership book. Titled Leading the Way Up Mount Olympus, set for release in early 2015. Broe set out to explore what it is exactly that leaders do to succeed and how leaders handle setbacks and failures. In this book, Broe interviewed more than 30 well-known leaders across varied fields of study to find out the real secret behind their success. He uncovered their mindset, their problem solving strategies, how they redefined their own experiences and reframed their own thoughts about those experiences to transform setbacks and failures into springboards for future success.

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