Veraclean Products Deliver Natural, Toxin-free Cleaning Power

Momtreprenuer exposes the hush-hush toxins of mainstream cleaning brands and develops her own line of Natural Cleaning Products.

Centennial, CO –  The term “clean” is relative to one’s standards.  Major cleaning brands pay a lot of money to claim they have the right solution, but they are not quite as enthusiastic to reveal all the harmful chemicals and synthetic additives used to achieve said “clean”. 

A new line of Natural Cleaning Products from VeraClean just launched on Kickstarter.  The company has developed and market-tested an array of household concentrates, hand soaps, and lotions using only natural cleaning surfactants, citrus citrates, and essential oils.   

In terms of everyday cleaning, VeraClean cuts out the expensive fluff with four primary concentrated solutions:  a multi-surface cleaner, a glass cleaner, bath and shower cleaner, and the first ever antibacterial concentrate to receive 25-b exempt* status in the state of Colorado.

Not only do these concentrations deliver phenomenal cleaning power… without the use of toxins like bleach, ammonia, triclosan, etc… but they are very economical, boasting a four-year shelf life and costing consumers a mere $0.25 per bottle when diluted properly.  

VeraClean products are naturally beautiful, receiving their essence and pigmentation purely from safe ingredients.   There are no hidden contents; every ingredient is as disclosed and transparent as the bottles containing them… no sythentic colors or fragrances.  

These products were developed by a mother and professional housecleaner with families, pets, schools, and co-workers in mind.

To enable commercial production and promote healthier “truly clean” homes, VeraClean is seeking additional financial resources through the crowdfunding website, where tiered pledge amounts can earn you 1 of 13 enviro-friendly rewards.  (i.e.  receive VeraClean’s House Cleaning Essential Starter Kit with a pledge of $75)

Portions of the funding will also go toward registering for 25-b exempt status in all 50 states of the U.S.  Such recognition will provide the needed clout to force more conversation regarding full-disclosure of ingredients by any brand that portrays their products as “cleaning” agents.

Join the fight for clean air, safer blends, and transparent labeling.  In an industry that is lacking in accountability, this is a change that starts in the home and gives the control back to the consumer. 

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