Join the 2015 Summer Camp with Miracle Mandarin in Shanghai

Education and language camps have attracted quite a lot of attentions in the last couple of years, as more and more parents have decided to send their kids to international camps where they can immerse themselves in the target language.

Nowadays thanks to China’s booming economy, Mandarin, as the official language, has become more popular and urgently needed as well. This is also the main reason why founders of Miracle Mandarin decided to dedicate themselves to training Chinese as a foreign language and presenting Chinese culture to the whole world from 2003.

Miracle Mandarin provides the 2015 Summer Camp in Shanghai this year as well, with all the positive experiences of organizing successful Summer Camps in the past years.

By sending children overseas to join Summer Camp, both the children and parents will be greatly benefited. Immersing oneself in the target language has been proved to be the best way of learning a new language. At the end of the camp, students not only learn basic Mandarin skills, but also the ability to communicate with locals in varieties of topics. At the same time they can also enjoy themselves in a multi-cultural environment.

Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School is also officially recognized by HSK Test Center and approved by Hanban (China’s National Office for Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language) so students can take the HSK test at school to get a better idea of their progress.

Therefore, summer camp at Miracle Mandarin Language School provides not only a professional language training environment, but also an exiting and fantastic journey of Chinese culture.

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