Online privacy simplified – Browse anything you want in 60 seconds

March 19, 2015 – Toronto, Canada — Online anonymity is still possible and with a usb based NinjaStik it is actually faster and easier than ever before.

The demand for online privacy and security has grown in the last few years with the revelations of rampant government spying programs, corporate tracking and malicious hacking.

One of the most robust privacy technologies used around the world is the Tor network. Unfortunately getting Tor setup properly on a secure system is often a daunting, time consuming task for the typical internet user.

This has changed with the NinjaStik, a USB based online security system that takes you online with rock-solid privacy and security in less than 60 seconds.

Simply boot up from the high speed, high quality, 3.0 version USB drive and in 1 minute you are at a full featured, secure desktop with all communication routed through Tor automatically.

If you can turn on a computer you can now surf any webpage, send encrypted email, works with Mac and PC, works with flash video, youtube and even live streaming video systems.

The NinjaStik also provides secure encrypted storage right on the USB – 256 bit protection for your data – unhackable by governments, police, criminals, anyone. No other privacy device offers both anonymity and encrypted storage, ready to use, right out of the box.

The perfect combination of security, safety, simplicity and portability – The NinjaStik lets you browse in privacy without leaving any trace on the computer or with your internet provider.

Designed to work with almost any computer, the NinjaStik comes with a full guarantee and is backed by outstanding, helpful customer service.

Reviewed by security and IT experts from the US, Poland, UK and Australia with rave reviews for the simplicity, security and customer service – the NinjaStik is a ‘must-have’ device for any internet user who is concerned with privacy but does not have the time to learn to setup Linux and Tor.

Quite simply, the NinjaStik does what it says on the tin and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants secure and anonymous online communications as well as encrypted filestorage without the hassle of having to learn how to configure it all themselves.
Alexander Hanff – Think Privacy

The NinjaStik is based out of Toronto, Canada and has been shipping to customers worldwide since December 2012.

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