DK Photonics: Enterprise Positioning is very important

Recently, Dr. Liu, CEO of DK Photonics has had a interview with a local newspaper from Shenzen, China. Dr. Liu introduces DK Photonics’s enterprise positioning in the coming years.

Dr. Liu said, “In recent years, due to the shrinking profit of common optical passive components in the optical communication industry, many optical passive components enterprises began to engage in the field of optical fiber sensor and high power laser, as well as to develop the polarization-maintaining components and high power components. Although the market profit of this area is considerable compared with the common optical passive components, the market scale is still not large enough in this industry.” According to the statistics by the author, there are at least thirty enterprises positioning at this product area. So, what’s the specific situation of this market?

The market of Polarization-maintaining and high power components cannot earn money in a rapid manner

“In recent years, indeed, there are quite a lot of enterprises of optical passive components launching their transition into the market of polarization-maintaining and high power components product. But we need to know that the technical threshold of polarization-maintaining isolator and high power components industry does not lower with the increase of companies engaging in this industry. It’s not easy for the new enterprises to win the client’s recognition from these two products. However, DK Photonics has already accumulated a number of clients in polarization-maintaining product with stable shipments.” In terms of high power isolator, we also have stable clients. As to other new enterprises, DK Photonics have enough confidence to maintain the advantages.

Currently, in order to earn money quickly, new enterprises encounter major problems in hardware environment. For example, whether the environment testing equipment is equipped with, whether a workshop that can maintain the normal temperature and humidity is existed. Obviously, this area cannot be the channel to earn money quickly as the problems of hardware environment will directly affect the reliability of device.

Transition: Positioning is important

Whichever direction it might be, the enterprise is required to clearly understand two problems: first, in terms of transition to equipment, it will inevitably conflict to the original clients as this transition may result in a competition against the existing clients. And the client will not ignore this competition. Second, in terms of transition to polarization-maintaining and high power components area, although we can acquire higher profits, the industry scale is still so small that it fails to support the long-term development of the company. For example, some enterprises, which were engaged in sensor module, gradually began to engage in sensor system. However, it’s still very difficult for the enterprise to break through these two points under the market environment currently.

With so many enterprises engaging in this area, does it really mean that the market is expanding gradually? With the further application of polarization-maintaining coupler and high power components, the market is indeed expanding steadily but in a limited manner. He suggested that the enterprise’s market positioning in this area is especially important. The enterprise scale should be varied with each individual and production line. We cannot blindly pursuit the expansion of scale, but develop our characteristic and brand in the process of development. It’s significant and safe if we can develop on this foundation.

With respect to DK Photonics, providing high-quality optical passive components for enterprises of fiber laser, fiber sensor and optical fiber communication will be regarded as the long-term goal.

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