Listen… Customer Feedback key to Customer Engagement

What does it take to make your organization different? What does it take to stand out from others?

It requires that you listen. In order to respond to the voice of the customer, we must listen.

Let me state how very easy this is to write when compared to how very hard this is to do; to take the appropriate measures to listen, comprehend and respond. But this is key to any successful relationship and we are all seeking to have strong relationships with our customers.

But by listening I do not mean some grand gestures that can sometimes backfire… such as the ever-increasing use of surveys. Surveys are not a listing tool, they are a questionnaire. Because our company assists organizations to get feedback, we understand that well-structured campaigns can gather valuable information. However most organizations use these campaigns without fully developed strategies. Customers are being inundated with requests to take their valuable time and engage by taking a survey when the organization wishes to collect data.

However a customer really only wishes to communicate to an organization when THEY (the customer) is interested, concerned or has feedback. in other words, customers will be motivated to engage and provide data on their terms and at a time convenient to them when they have an issue.

That is a big difference from the Survey model.

Technology is making instant communication and follow up a very real option for organizations large and small. When technology is incorporated into a well managed process, a strong and direct link can be established with customers. Patterns and issues can be identified and improvement strategies determined.

The important thing is that you are listening when your customers want to speak to you. And also being able to document, analyze, organize and follow up immediately when they do.

Customers DO want to speak to you and if you are not listening, that is if you do not give them a simple way to speak to you directly, they will speak to you – and a whole bunch of other people – through social media. And at that point you have lost control of the conversation.

Give them a simple way to speak to you directly. Show them that you are listening and not only will they respect you, they will tell you the truth.

CustomerCarePoint is a Cloud Tool to facilitate communication between organizations and their customers. It operates in real time from computer, laptop or mobile device.

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