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Eagle Energy provides strong branding and attractive marketing materials for all their clients
Eagle Energy is the manufacturer and distributor of North America’s first retail ready caffeine infused disposable vaporizer. Eagle Energy’s energy vaporizer is patent pending and taking orders for distribution across the globe. Their proprietary blend of guarana extract (purest known form of caffeine), taurine, and ginseng delivers the consumer a rush of energy with every inhale.

Eagle Energy Vapor is a Vancouver based company. A tight knit group of entrepreneurs that have invented and manufactured the world’s first caffeinated energy vaporizer. The patent pending blend contains the same three active ingredients as the worlds leading energy drinks: guarana extract (purest known form of caffeine), taurine, and ginseng, and each vaporizer stick delivers 500 puffs, or three days worth of energy, depending on use.

Eagle Energy is nicotine free and marketed not as a smoking cessation device, but rather an extension of the energy product category – they compare themselves to energy shots in their innovation and delivery of fast, effective, “energy when you need it”, and as an alternative to traditional energy drinks given their health benefits and convenience. 

Eagle Energy Vapor sticks are perfect for on the go students, busy professionals, laborers, truck drivers, the list goes on. They are a great alternative to coffee and energy drinks and can be enjoyed nearly anywhere, whether you’re pulling an all-nighter 6 hours before a midterm, or driving 12 hours across the country to your favorite music festival, Eagle Energy is the product your customers need to stay focused. 

Their products are 100% FDA compliant using only FEMA grade ingredients in their blend, and as well Health Canada approved. During production each batch is sent through five different quality control tests before being packaged and shipped from their manufacturer – drop test, vibration test, salt/corrosion test (for product being shipped via sea), air pressure test (for product being shipped via air) and charge tested to ensure healthy and long lasting battery life. 

Eagle Energy has put in a place an extensive, efficient, and competent fulfillment infrastructure to service every one of their clients order needs, regardless of size. Strategic placement of their warehouses makes ordering from them cost effective and simple. They also offer in-store marketing materials such as posters, customer education literature, and product knowledge sheets to ensure store employees can effectively relay to the customers the benefits of purchasing Eagle Energy Vapor over any other comparable product. 

Their diverse advisory board includes proven successful business executives with backgrounds ranging from consumer packaged goods specialists to commercial real estate conglomerates.

The team at Eagle Energy has gone from inception, to prototype, to a retail ready product in just 8 months and is currently taking orders across the globe. They offer very attractive margins for retailers and distributors and have an in-house marketing department that strives to ensure every retailer they work with has all the support they need to get product off their shelves and into the hands of consumers. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Eagle Energy
Contact Person: Alex Lemmon
Email: alex@eagleenergyvapor.com
Phone: 778-888-2864
Country: United States
Website: http://mrcheckout.net/eagle-energy-vapor/