Pearlled Starts its Indiegogo Campaign for Robochef, the New Internet-enabled Oven

Pearlled, Inc., revealed to the public its new internet-enabled oven called Robochef™ this week via its crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo. The Robochef oven is a counter top toaster-oven that can cook most food to perfection at any time. The user orders it to cook from a smart phone or a tablet or a PC, or via its built-in keyboard, the latter differs from a usual oven keyboard in a colored FN key and a NEXT key.

“The NEXT key allows programming the oven with multiple steps such as when to start cooking with what methods, each step at what temperature and for how long”, explained Tranh Nguyen, the inventor of the Robochef oven and the company’s founder and president, “while the FN key is similar to the FN key on laptop computer keyboards, giving access to function keys (usually named F1 to F12 on a PC keyboard), such as storing and recalling one out of 10 user’s favorite cooking programs and turning ON/OFF the built-in stereo music player or the controlled external power socket.”

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“I invented the Robochef oven because I had started to have to cook my own meals after my ex-wife left the house.  Always eating in restaurant is not a good option for me, due to the limited choice of restaurants in my small town, the need to go there, and their food is not always what I want to eat all the time,” continued Nguyen, a veteran electronics engineer who was known for his design of the audiophile monoblock amplifier Nuforce Reference 9, a small but powerful digital amplifier introduced at 2007 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, which has received many awards.

“I like my food cooked in very specific ways and find waiting and watching the food being cooked not the most rewarding activity nor the best use of my time, so I decided to automate things a little bit, and figured that there are many others who don’t like spending time watching the food cook, so to speak, so I decided to market the automated oven. Besides I like to BBQ meat but starting a BBQ to cook for only myself seems like a waste of time and fuel, and cleaning a toaster-oven after a rotisserie chicken cooking session a dirty job and a hassle,” continued Nguyen.

The Robochef oven has a QUIK-KLEAN™ feature for the purpose of automated cleaning, besides its many unusual but desirable functions. Its skin stays only warm – not burning hot to the touch – and it saves hundreds of dollars a year in electricity compared conventional toaster-ovens due to its energy-efficient design, paying for itself many times over its long life. Its savings in user’s time and cleaning hassle are priceless.

Pearlled is a Delaware corporation engaged in the design and manufacturing of quality consumer electronics, based in Rohnert Park, California. It was operating in stealth mode while developing internet-of-things appliances that have impacts on people’s life.

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RoboChef Oven
RoboChef Oven

RoboChef Keyboard
RoboChef Keyboard

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