Nmisr.com Offers Great Revenue Sharing Program

Finding news sites that can be trusted and which offer unbiased content can turn out to be quite a difficult experience for people from all around the world. However, there are a couple, including the Arabic news portal known by the name of Nmisr.com

The site represents a famous Arabic news portal, which specializes in a couple of different niches. Some of these include, but are not limited to educational news, Egypt news, Saudi News, but also other categories such as weird news, all of which are getting a constant number of readers and an increase in popularity as time goes by. In regards to the amount of fans that the site has, it is worth pointing out that research has shown that they fit in the top 40 websites over in Egypt, which ranks the site extremely high from all the points of view.

Additionally, Nmisr.com also has a couple of social media profiles, all of which have achieved thousands of likes over on Facebook, but also thousands of views on YouTube, which definitely represent factors to be proud of.

At this moment in time, the company is happy to announce that they have enabled a Google AdSense revenue sharing program that can help over 6000 publishers who are currently using the site to earn money. Anyone who is interested in how this works will be happy to know that partners who have published content on the site can go ahead and earn a large sum of money whenever the content is viewed and clicked on through the famous platform, known as Google AdSense. However, to be eligible to earn anything, the content published has to be of the highest quality, as this represents an essential factor in getting it to be a possibility of earning revenue.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, those who are interested in becoming publishers can refer to the contact details below.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Nmisr
Contact Person: Abdelrahman Ellithy, CEO
Email: abdobasha2004@gmail.com
Phone: 00201116471880
Address:7 Hamawy Street, Hadayek Helwan
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt
Website: http://www.nmisr.com/