CEO Founder of MiCiCiPi Solving Puzzles K1 Mirzaee Tops No. 1 on Amazon Bestseller List

K1 Mirzaee’s recently release book Life Code: Decode 4 Unwritten Secrets To Live Your Best Life… On Your Own Terms has hit #1 for three different categories on Amazon’s bestseller list.

CEO Founder of MiCiCiPi Solving Puzzles, K1 Mirzaee, shares his core self-help strategies through spiritual growth philosophies in his new book, Life Code: Decode 4 Unwritten Secrets To Live Your Best Life…On Your Own Terms.

The book officially launched on February, 2, 2015 and secured the rank of #1 Bestseller status in three categories on the day of release.

Dominating the three categories of Philosophy & Spiritual Growth, Knowledge Capital and Self-Help was a long-awaited win for Mirzaee. The book was held in his mind for so long it was a treasure to be validated by the success of his book on launch day.

At the top of Amazon’s bestseller section, Mirzaee’s book beat out an industry-favorite title, The Basic Sources Of Happiness by The Dalai Lama validating Mirzaee’s hard work, commitment to process and expert position within the industry.

Life Code aims to provide readers a way to redefine their life concepts with a new point of view established by a set of thought provoking questions to redesign any aspect of personal and professional life for the better.

Unlike other self-help books, Mirzaee’s book is geared more towards an insiders conversation instead of the traditional publication style so readers can have an engaging experience instead of just reading another book.

The book is divided into four main sections that focus on legacy, identity, fun and evolution which leads to the corresponding L.I.F.E acronym.

The book’s Amazon description claims Mirzaee’s book can position the reader to create a new category for their life and dominate their own personal space like Steve Jobs, Apple’s Co-Founder, did for his life.

When talking about why he believes his book reached the number one bestseller level of success, Mirzaee states, “In my new book I share a powerful question based formula that challenges everyone to live their best life and reach the pinnacle of personal and professional success. I don’t solve their problems; instead I give them the questions that empower them to solve their own problems by defining their most meaningful life, on their own terms so they can live the life they deserve.”

As a result of the success of Life Code, Mirzaee’s brand and reputation has been cemented as a leading authority in the fields of self-help, management & leadership and personal development.

Moreover, the Amazon number one bestseller acknowledgment of Life Code: Decode 4 Unwritten Secrets To Live Your Best Life…On Your Own Terms lead to Mirzaee being acknowledge by his peers around the country.

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