Simple Logbook Loan Launches Blog To Help Borrowers Make Their Money Go Further

Simple Logbook Loan is now regularly publishing editorials with invaluable financial advice for borrowers, to help them make their loan amount stretch further.

In difficult economic times, finding a loan with a reasonable interest rate is getting harder every day. The many predatory lenders and payday loans companies can catch people in a debt spiral that can ruin their credit rating. For those looking for an alternative, logbook loans allow them to use their cars as collateral, to get reasonable rates on loans between five and fifty thousand pounds. The Simple Logbook Loan helps people compare logbook loan providers to ensure they get the very best rate available. They have just launched a new blog that enables users to make their money go even further and find the best lender for their circumstances. offers one of the most powerful comparison quotation tools for logbook loans in the UK enabling people to find the best logbook loan very quickly.  The new blog will support their visitors with sound financial content.

The new blog includes helpful topics like finance tips for overseas travel, fuel saving tricks, bad credit car buying guide, and a roadmap to achieving financial freedom. The blog is designed to help those looking for affordable loans make the best use of them, for whatever their intended purpose.

The blog is the latest feature on the site, which already enables people to compare quotes from loan providers, who compete blindly against one another to offer the best deal for customers. This comprehensive new feature is designed to turn the site from a purely functional tool to an insightful and thriving community.

A spokesperson for SimpleLogbookLoan explained, “We never want to underestimate the value of peer support. The most important single factor in getting people to change their spending habits is to help them get access to people who are doing the same. By sharing strategies for success we increase the likelihood of borrowers engaging in productive discussion about their spending habits. In the meantime, we support them by providing ready access to affordable loan amounts that can help those fallen on hard times achieve what they need to in order to break the spiral. The blog will be updated regularly, so users should bookmark us to find the latest posts.”

About Simple Logbook Loan:

Simple Logbook Loan is a free and honest resource for logbook loan information and services. With years of experience, they have built lasting relationships with the UK’s leading logbook loan providers. They deal only with credible lenders and have developed a trusted reputation for providing the most exceptional service available online.

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