Undertakes Huge Redesign To Repurpose Site For The Future Of Vaping

E Cigarette Reviews is the oldest online review site for electronic cigarettes, and they have just overhauled their site to better fit their readers in 2015, reviewing a wider product range.

Electronic cigarettes were a conversion of pre-existing vaporization technology that was previously unwieldy and table-bound. It was designed to be a means by which to help people stop smoking. However, it had several advantages, not least that it could circumvent the smoking ban and be used indoors and in public. Since then the product has diversified immensely, and is more of an alternative to smoking than a quitting aid. has just updated its website to reflect this significant change in perceptions.

The new site now offers information, insight and product reviews for portable, personal and table top vaporizers, e-cigarettes, e liquids and juices to better reflect the way the market has diversified. What’s more, they have split these into separate sections so people can browse according to the type of product they want. They share valuable coupon codes as well.

The reviews are still as rigorous as ever, rich in detail with an incisive critique that brings out the unique selling points, features, the drawbacks and the price range of each model before considering its position in the broader market to make a recommendation. Most recently, they chose VaporFi as the best e liquid brand

A spokesperson for E Cigarette Reviews explained, “We have repurposed our site to better reflect the position the market is in in 2015. We have been thrilled to watch the e-cigarette market change, evolve and grow beyond even our early expectations. E-cigarettes are now a legitimate and seemingly preferable alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes. This does mean that the way we review these products has changed from the early days. The new set up allows people to more readily access the information our site has on offer, and creates an infrastructure in which we can promote our work to a rapidly growing community.”

About E Cigarette Reviews:

E Cigarette Reviews has been around since 2000, when they began analyzing vaporizers as a means to help people quit smoking. Since then the industry has thrived, and they have redesigned their site to reflect the modern requirements of their readership. The site now reviews e liquids, personal vaporizers, and offers valuable coupon codes to its readers.

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