Partnership between USA Lawsuit Loans, Inc. and Attorneys Who Inc. Announced

The partnership between USA Lawsuit Loans and Attorneys Who Inc. (AWW) is expected to make it easy for plaintiffs seeking legal recourse to get financial assistance during litigation along with guidance on identifying competent legal help.

March 24th, 2015 – The announcement comes as good news for individuals who have been hesitating to opt for legal recourse even when they have substantial grounds to prove that they have been wronged. Typically, the litigation process can be time consuming and also impose a severe financial burden on the plaintiff who may already be facing several expenses in relation to the case under trial. This has long been a serious challenge for individuals seeking legal help. This partnership is expected to bring relief in such cases and encourage individuals to pursue the legal recourse without allowing the financial aspect to deter them.

Pre-settlement cash advances and non-recourse loans for commercial litigation are growing in popularity as effective solutions to address the financial needs of litigants waiting for judgments to be delivered. Even in cases where the case has been won by the plaintiff but he/she has not received the compensation yet, the post-settlement cash advance option is increasingly being opted for. The primary reason behind the growing use of these loans is that they are non-recourse cash advances, meaning that the plaintiff is not liable to repay the loan if he/she fails to get compensation or settlement. With this being the background, this partnership announcement indicates that both USA Lawsuit Loans, Inc. and Attorneys Who, Inc. are aware of the trends in this arena and that they are hoping to provide a valuable service to the public.

Another area where this partnership is expected to make a significant contribution is in giving the general public valuable guidance in selecting skilled legal professionals to represent them. As per official announcement, AWW will be a completely free legal service that individuals with a legal grievance can utilize to get connected with experienced, reliable attorneys specializing in the relevant legal area. AWW is being promoted as a valuable ally bringing legal service to the doorstep of potential litigants who may not have the familiarity or knowledge to identify skilled lawyers with the necessary expertise.

About USA Lawsuit Loans:

USA Lawsuit Loans is legal financing company assisting plaintiffs and attorneys with non-recourse lawsuit cash advances and surgery funding.

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