Wrike Publishes a New Guide Highlighting Techniques for Remote Collaboration

Wrike, a premier project management platform for real-time work management and collaboration, publishes a new guide, “The Art of Staying Productive Even Across Distance.” The book emphasizes the new rules of online collaboration and teaches readers how to avoid the major pitfalls of managing virtual teams.

While the book goes hand-in-hand with Wrike’s project management tools, readers will benefit from the valuable information even if they never use Wrike’s software. The book is available for free download on Wrike’s website https://www.wrike.com

Super-fast Internet, mobile devices, project management software, and other technological advances provide a way for teams to work across continents just as easily as they work across cubicles. In an effort to keep workers engaged and find specialized service providers, business owners are now more receptive to remote employees.

The prevalence of virtual teams has completely redefined the face of the traditional workforce. But according to one of Wrike’s project managers, the remote workforce presents a new set of challenges that businesses must prepare for. “I’ve seen companies that were once open to remote work call their employees back to the traditional mode of work because they were unable to overcome the obstacles so common among virtual teams. Some of the most common impediments to success include vague job descriptions and goals, flawed hiring procedures, and lack of tools to track output, measure productivity, and communicate effectively.”

The free ebook focuses heavily on these and other pitfalls of managing virtual teams, so managers can make adjustments and improve the power of their teams. Managers can enforce simple changes and see a positive transformation in their teams’ productivity. Wrike project management software and online collaboration tool simplify collaboration for team managers and members. Shared scheduling and tracking, flawless integration with email, and real-time communications are just some of the revolutionary features that distinguish the tool from other software.

To further simplify remote team management, subscribers can share project details with clients, stakeholders, and partners with just a few clicks — a feature that cuts down on duplicate work. Industry leaders like HTC, Paypal, and eBay are truly global companies that reap the benefits of the customizable online project management software. However, smaller teams can also scale the tool up or down to meet their personalized needs.

Wrike delivers a real-time platform that blends work management and collaboration, making day-to-day work easier, more transparent and efficient for thousands of companies.

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