Oblivion Personal Products Reports New Stocks of Popular Purple Charlie Massager

Top-quality, rechargeable, fully waterproof device comes with exclusive money-back guarantee and free case when purchased from company, Oblivion Personal Products reports

Oblivion Personal Products announced that it has restocked its inventories of the highly popular Purple Charlie personal massage vibrator and is once again selling the item at its Amazon Marketplace storefront. One of the most talked-about personal massage products of recent years, the Purple Charlie is designed from the ground up to satisfy the desires of a wide range of women. Toward that end, it makes use of the highest quality materials, waterproof construction, magnetic charging, and a highly ergonomic shape. Customers who purchase the Purple Charlie from Oblivion Personal Products receive an unmatched 6-month warranty, as well as an exclusive money-back guarantee.

“We’re happy to report that the highly popular Purple Charlie is back in stock and ready for shipment,” Oblivion Personal Products co-founder Angelina London announced, “The Purple Charlie is one of the best and most versatile vibrators on the market and an important part of the intimate lives of countless people around the world. Furthermore, Oblivion Personal Products is the best source of all for this highly satisfying device.”

Once rarely talked about outside of a few cloistered circles, sex toys have been an increasingly common fixture of daily life around the world. Surveys conducted by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, for example, have established that nearly a quarter of all American adults make use of such accessories with some regularity. Worldwide, in fact, the sex toy industry is estimated to top $15 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue, a total that grows with every passing year.

Oblivion Personal Products is one of the leading retailers of sex toys and related accessories, offering up an unmatched selection of the best female vibrators online today, massage devices, and similar products. Uniquely in the industry, the company provides money-back guarantees on many of the products, including the popular Purple Charlie, that it sells.

Since its introduction, the Purple Charlie has been one of Oblivion Personal Products’ hottest sellers. With a firm feel and a fully waterproof design, the 10-speed vibrator has struck a chord with many women, offering a combination of features and construction quality that perfectly suits their needs.

Demand for the purple vibrator has grown so high in recent months, in fact, that it has been increasingly difficult for buyers to find. As one of the world’s leading retailers of such products, Oblivion Personal Products has been able to obtain a substantial new shipment of the device, a fact that will be of great interest to many who have sought the product recently.

On top of the company’s unique money-back guarantee, buyers of the vibrator will also be eligible for a special offer for a free, discreet case that can be used for carrying and storage. In addition to the popular Purple Charlie, Oblivion Personal Products also has an extensive selection of the other Best Vibrators for women available on Amazon with varied prices and quality.

About Oblivion Personal Products:

With a wide range of the best, most enticing vibrators, sex toys, and similar items, Oblivion Personal Products offers up the lowest prices and most dedicated customer service, along with industry-leading guarantees, through the company’s Amazon Marketplace storefront.

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