#1 Amazon Author Launches Innovative “Bullies to Leaders” Coaching Program

#1 Amazon Author Launches Innovative “Bullies to Leaders” Coaching Program. Gordon Myers Believes Bullies Can Change Their Lives.

Gordon Myers Believes Bullies Can Change Their Lives

Many people who bully others, whether they are children or adults, are acting out some type of anger or trauma, says Gordon Myers, the author of “Built to Bully” – a Kindle book that recently hit #1 in several categories on Amazon.

As a result, Myers, a Certified Professional Coach, is launching an innovative “Bullies to Leaders” program.

“Despite the emotional and sometimes physical damage bullying can cause, I do believe some people can change the course of their behavior given the right environment,” Myers said.

Myers, who grew up in Namibia, South West Africa, personally understands how difficult circumstances and harsh environments can lead people to unacceptable and even outright abusive behavior toward others.

“The ‘Bullies to Leaders’ coaching program recognizes the fact that many bullies were strongly encouraged to be forceful and to develop defensive tactics to find ways to survive, by any and all means possible.”

“There are, however, much better ways to encourage others to want to hang with you, which is just one of the things we will go through in each person’s customized coaching plan.”

The key to success in a program such as “Bullies to Leaders” is that the individual engaged in inappropriate behavior must truly want to change.

“All you need is the courage to stand up today and simply say, ‘I am a Bully’ and accept the fact that that it does not best serve you,” Myers said.

“That it would be better for you if you do could do some things differently that bring peace to your life.”

“In reality, your victims can be your greatest allies, empowering you to be the best possible you in order to enjoy a great life.”
Though Myers does not deny the profound destructive effects bullying victims can suffer, he focuses on working with self-diagnosed bullies in hopes of breaking the cycle of pain for everyone involved.

“Doing good is contagious and needless to say, no one gets hurt,” Myers said.

“There is nothing wrong with going from ‘Awful to Awesome,’ but admitting the problem is the first step to lasting change.”

Myers, who works out of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, offers complimentary 20-minute consultations and brief email messages to people interested in making the transformation from bullying to leadership. He can work with people via a variety of electronic media, which effectively takes his training all over the world.

For more information, call Myers at 818-905-7924 or visit www.BuiltToBully.com

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